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The course unit system is an operational system in which the entire programme of course required by a student for a particular degree is packaged into a number of modules each consisting of a prescribed number of units. Usually, one module is to be offered in one semester.
Thus the students' workload in a semester is defined in terms of units where one unit represents one hour of lecture or one hour of tutorials or two or three hours of practical work per week throughout the semester normally of fifteen weeks duration.


All the courses indicated in each of the tables given below are core and required for B.Tech degree in Computer Science. In addition to the core and required courses, students have the option of registering for elective courses run by other Departments of the University.


The duration of the programme is normally ten academic semesters for UTME candidates and eight academic semesters for semesters for direct entry candidates. If a candidate fails to graduate within the stipulated academic sessions, he or she will not be allowed to exceed a total of fifteen academic semcsters in the case of UTME candidate and twelve academic semesters in the case of direct entry.