The Department came into existence in 1990, combining Science and Enginnering together as one course of study, with a view to addressing squarely two budding computing problems in the country, namely: the shortage of skilled hardware and software specialists who are specifically trained to use modern productivity tools, and lack of research personnel to provide indigenous computer solution to local problems.

The philosophy of the Department follows from the contemporary reasoning in which the human and material resources has to be juxtaposed and harnessed together(management) via scientific and programmatic approaches. Towards this end, the curriculum is broad and interdisciplinary.

Our two undergraduate programmes are designed to be unique in content and to differ from currently existing computer science curriculum in the following respects.

Theoretical computing concepts are emphasised in view of the need for computing research personnel in the country. Therefore, Students are able to actually qualify as skilled software or hardware specialists specializing in modern areas of computing and its electronic allies.

The engineering and mathematical contents of the programmes ensure that their products are able to function outside data processing environment. Both Softuware Engineering and Hardware Design Laboratories are emphasized depending on which of the two programmes a student has chosen.

The Objectives of the Programme are:

a) The Department aims at training a critical mass of highly effective Bachelors' Degree holder with detailed and specialized knowledge in the IT field. b) The Department envisions the need to provide for professionals in the field, the opportunities to upgrade their qualification and re-orientation of the specialization. (c) The Department emphasized the need to integrate computing Techniques across a wide variety of multi-disciplinary domain with a view to enhance the relative performance and overall output.


Recently. in the year 2021, the two fields that this department umbrellas was splitted into two for effectiveness - COMPUTER SCIENCE and COMPUTER ENGINEERING.


The Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science programme is designed to prepare students to obtain employment in the computer science field or as a course of study leading to graduate studies in Computer Science and related field.

The aim and objectives of bachelors (Honours) degree programme in Computer Science include:

Requirement for Admission Into the Department

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