Degree Awarded:
The faculty awards a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) degree to successful students in relevant disciplines on the
  • First Class Honours,
  • Second Class Honours (Upper Division),
  • Second Class Honours (Lower Division),
  • Third Class Honours,
  • Ordinary Pass
  • and as may be approved by the Senate of the University.

Admission Requirements:
The admission requirements into the Faculty are as reflected by each of the Departments in their curriculum. For instance, Department of Computer Science has their own requirements separate from that of Cyber Security. Deferment of Admission:
Students with genuine reason(s) for deferment of admission must submit a formal application stating learly the reason(s) for the request through their Heads of Departments to the Dean of the Faculty (Chairman of the Faculty Board) for consideration and recommendation to Senate for approval. To qualify for this deferment. a student must have matriculated and registered for courses. Registration for courses.

Cogent things to Take Note

  1. After admission, all students must be cleared at the department and faculty to continue with their registration.
  2. All students (fresh or stale) must register for courses after due consultation with their staff advisers in the Departments at the beginning of every semester and within the stipulated period of registration as may be reflected in the University Calendar.
  3. Late registration may be allowed on payment of a penalty fee as prescribed by the Senate.
  4. All stipulated fees must be paid by all students before registration in the Departments and Faculty.
  5. All pre-requisite or co-requisite courses (where applicable) must be taken and passed by all students before they could register for higher courses.
  6. Only those students who are duly registered for a course will be allowed to take the examination in that course.

Add and Drop Form:
The Add and Drop Forms are obtainable at the Faculty Office to enable students add to their courses within the approved maximum units for a semester, and to drop any course within the stipulated time as may be reflected on the University Calendar issued at the beginning of every semester.
Change of Programme:
Students are allowed to seek change within and outside the Faculty. The form for this dispensation is obtainable at the Academic Affairs Unit of the Registry for a fee and must be completed within a stipulated period of time as may be fixed by the University. Students willing to change programme must satisfy minimum admission requirements of new programme.

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