Mechanisms of the Course Unit System

1. Registration for Courses
This is normally at the beginning of each semester.
2. Submission of Registration Forms
(a) Harmattan Semester
For Freshers, the submission of registration forms for the harmattan semester shall end before matriculation. For stalites, the submission of registration forms for the harmattan semester shall end after matriculation.
(b) Rain Semester
A maximum of two weeks from commencement shall be allowed for the acceptance of registration forms.
3. Registering/Dropping a Course
Registration for a course at the beginning of a semester shall automatically mean registrat ion for the course and the examination shall be carried out. However, a student may drop a course, provided he/s he formally applied to do so within five weeks of the commencement of lecture in the course, and obtains the approval of the Head of Department.
4. Penalty for late registration
Students who submit their registration forms within two weeks after the stipulated period shall pay a late registration fine prescribed by the University.
5. Examination And Grading Under The Course Unit System
(a) Assessment of students' performance shall be continuous.
The final examination for each course shail normally be at the end of the semester in wh ich the course is offered. The students' score in the continuous assessment shall carry a maximum mark of 40%.
(b) Attendance
In order to qualify for a course examination, a student shall be required to achieve 75% attendance of all the scheduled classes (Lectures and Laboratory work) for the courses.
(c) Absence from Examination
A student who is absent from a course examination without the permission of the Head of Dep artment during or at the end of the semester will receive a grade of F. Permission may be granted only on s ubstantial compassionate of medical grounds as approved by the University Health Services.

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